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Eclipse Tinting is the most complete tint shop on Maui for your automobile, home, or commercial property. We offer numerous types of window tinting films to suit your needs. Whether you desire privacy, protection from harmful UV rays, or minimizing glare and heat, we have the right window tinting film for you. Below are the different types of decorative window films that we offer.

The Look of Decorative Elegance with Frosted Window Films

Frosted or matte window tinting film is a way to add the decorative elegance of frosted glass to any plain glass surface, windows, glass doors, shower enclosures, mirrors, glass tables, cabinet doors and more. Frosted window films are ideal for residential and commercial properties. We offer a wide selection of frosted window films with different degrees of reflection to provide the right amount of privacy that you need.

Add Color and Ambience with Stained Glass Window Films

Stained glass windows films are an easy way to add color and ambiance to a room. Whether you desire increased privacy or a stained glass design that decorates without blocking your view, these films are the answer. Our stained glass window films will turn plain glass into an elegant focal point that enhances the decor of your home or office for a fraction of the price of regular stained glass.

Frosted window films in Wailuku, Hawaii. Stained glass window film in Wailuku, Hawaii.

Reflect UV Rays with Metalized Window Films

Metalized films have a metallic sheen to them. They tend to hold out a lot more heat and ultraviolet light because they reflect the sun’s rays back out of your vehicle, home, or office. Metalized window films reflect nearly 50% of the heat-producing rays, which normally go through your glass to ensure cooler temperatures inside. Metalized window films are very scratch resistant, which strengthens your windows and helps prevent shattering.

Reduce Heat and Glare with Ceramic Window Films

Ceramic window films provide all the benefits of traditional window films without changing the look of your home, office, or automobile. Ceramic films allow in the natural light while blocking out uncomfortable heat, damaging UV rays, and distracting glare, leaving you with nothing but a perfectly clear, totally natural view. Ceramic window films are designed to bring you the highest possible visual acuity, with minimal reflectance.

Enjoy Maximum Privacy with Smoke Window Films

Smoke films work great for windows, glass doors, shower enclosures, and mirrors. Smoke films provide total privacy with textured swirls and just enough color to stand out a bit more than most window films. Smoke window films provide maximum glare protection and reduce UV rays to help protect interior furnishings.

Add a Valuable Layer of Protection with Solar Window Films

Solar window films are designed to add a valuable layer of protection to your home, office, or automobile windows by reducing glare and fading, improving comfort, and lowering your cooling costs during the summer. Solar films also help insulate your glass to add an extra layer to your windows and help on heating bills during the winter. Solar window films block the heat and UV rays from the sun protecting you, your loved ones, and your personal property.

Protect your furniture and valuables with window tinting films.

Eclipse Tinting is a Proud Partner with Solar Gard

Eclipse Tinting is partnered with Solar Gard to provide all of our customers with top of the line tinting products. As a world leader in window film technologies, Solar Gard has an industry-leading warranty and offers exceptional quality films that ensure color stability throughout their lifetime. Solar Gard quality assurance means that each roll of window film produced will be of a consistent color for a seamless look.

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