Commercial Window Tinting Services on Maui

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you need to reduce expenses and increase profits. Commercial window tinting for your business can reduce energy costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive work environment, prevent interior fading, as well as improve exterior appearance. With these savings, commercial tint film can give a return on investment within two to five years.

We Offer the Best Warranty on Maui for Commercial Tint Film

Eclipse Tinting has a generous 15-year warranty on our commercial tint film. So, make the right decision to work with the professionals with over 25 years of experience that has provided Maui County with its business tinting solutions. As a professional commercial tint shop, customers can also depend on us to provide them with high quality tinting films at an affordable price. Learn more about the different window tint films that we offer.

Reduce Energy Costs With Our Commercial Tint Films

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint is extremely important. With proven heat-rejection properties, our window films help your business consume less energy. Furthermore, by keeping interior temperatures cooler and decreasing the need for air conditioning, your cooling system will operate more efficiently and inexpensively.

Commercial Window Tinting Provides Solar Protection

Natural light can brighten up your office, but it can be harmful. In addition, the sun can create unwanted heat and hotspots, which can affect everyone’s comfort. Thus, our commercial window films reject up to 79% of solar energy, providing your employees and customers with a more comfortable environment. By reducing annoying glare, window films improve the visibility of computer screens as well as minimize eye strain.

Solar Gard tint film on Maui

Protect Your Office Interior and Its Contents

UV light and solar heat coming through windows can cause fading as well as damage to your merchandise, furniture, and carpeting. Window films reject solar heat and block over 99% of harmful UV light, protecting your valuable assets and furnishings from sun damage, so they last longer.

We are the Preferred Commercial Tint Shop for These Fine Businesses

  • Arita-Paulson General Contracting-TSA Maui Office
  • Paia Heritage Center
  • Verizon Maui Marketplace
  • The Rice Partnership
  • Akinaka Construction-Kihei Plaza
Maui Medical Group

  • Maui Medical-One Hana Highway
Hotel Wailea

  • Hotel Wailea
Lahaina Divers

  • Lahaina Divers
Kahului Florists

  • Kahului Florist
Napili Kai

  • Napili Kai Resort
Reflections Glass

  • Reflections Glass Maui

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